The deposit fee will not be refunded under any circumstances as this is used for registration purposes. We require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice prior to the course start date from you, for us to be able to give alternatives dates for another course otherwise you will lose your deposit.

If you cannot attend, cancel or fail to notify us from the agreed sates your deposit is non-refundable.

Cancelling, changing your mind or deciding not to continue means you forfeit your deposit. It will not be refunded back to you.

Temporary withdrawals/Interruption of Studies
Students who temporarily withdraw from the centre are, by definition, expected to return. If a student intends to continue his/her studies from the point of withdrawal then he/she may request that his/her fees are carried forward. However, where fees are increased the student shall be expected to pay the difference.

Students who temporarily withdraw/interrupt their studies remain liable to pay any outstanding fees due to the Centre.

If a Student wishes to withdraw from their programme of study before the end of the course, then the Student is required to complete a ‘Withdrawal Application Form’ and submit it to the Director of the training provider together with any supporting evidence necessary to prove claims made in the application.

The date of withdrawal shall be taken as the latest date in the process beginning when the student notified the training provider, completed and signed the appropriate form and is received by the Director. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the training provider of their date of withdrawal.

Fees shall be refunded (if applicable) to the source (person or organisation) paying the fees and not to any third party.

The provisions of this Policy allow for applications to be considered for refunds under the following circumstances only: Where, for any reason, The training provider discontinues the programme of study for which the student is registered.

Where the student withdraws because of their own serious illness. In which circumstances the training provider will provide a justified absence form, and hold a place open for the student until as such time as they are able to recommence their studies

The decision as to whether to allow the student a refund will be made by the Director of the training provider (or his/her nominee) at his/her absolute discretion, and only in extraordinary circumstances in accordance with this policy.

Need Help?

Contact us at info@zems.org.uk for any questions related to refunds.